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Solving the Productivity Problem

in Your Company


Dean has had the privilege of working with hundreds of companies to help improve productivity and increase employee engagement.


The CDC has found that healthier employees are 3X more productive and are exceedingly more valuable to the company. Let's face it, unhealthy employees are expensive!


Dean clearly shows how unhealthy lifestyles, processed carbohydrates and "fake food" is destroying our health and profit margins.

The typical diet of the American employee results in costly health issues including brain fog, fatigue, crankiness, slow metabolism, mid afternoon drowsiness, weight gain, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, lack of productivity, pre-mature aging, and obesity. The good news is all these health issues are preventable or reversible! 


Check out these facts:


  • Unhealthy employees cost US employers over 1.5 Billion in lost productivity.

  • Over weight & obese employees experience higher levels of absenteeism due to illness than normal weight employees. (Health study provided by the CDC)

  • Diet and Lifestyle contribute up to 83% of an individual's health status.

  • America spends $2.8 trillion on healthcare annually. That's 1/6 of the total U.S. economy, or more than $8,500 per person. (Not including pharmaceutical drugs)

  • Employee productivity losses (known as "presenteeism") cost the company up to $38.50 each day per employee. This is over $10,000 each year per employee! - Do the math.

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As a high-energy speaker, Dean Rosson delivers his practical strategy that empowers audiences to live healthier, more productive lives. Dean presents a highly effective strategy to achieve vibrant health, strength and wellness to your audience.

As a former fat guy, Dean has learned the secret of massive weight loss and will share these powerful strategies for dynamic success. With over two decades of inspiring audiences to live healthier lives, Dean Rosson offers his proven plan to educate, motivate and activate the audience to better health and productivity. 

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- Transform your work staff in 90 days

- Reducing health care costs

- Take immediate action

- Maximize your brain with strategic food choices

- Super charged employee productivity

- Powerful and healthy work force

- Developing a culture of wellness

- Clear steps to profit with perfect wellness

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